Thursday, January 22, 2009

Am I Alone In This?

I think I have a complex. And I think I need to seek help for it. Urgently.

But maybe there's hope...maybe other bloggers/writers experience this same thing, and if so - I need to know I'm not in this alone!!

I find that as I'm living my day, I look at things from the perspective of an author. I often think to myself, "Self, that was a very funny moment. How would you incorporate that into your blog? How would you write it? Would it be funny or serious? Would you use parallel structure and alliteration? Will you continue to think in third person? Because if so, that's a whole 'nother blog post."

I'm literally thinking about things as they happen and then immediately writing the blogs in my head. Is this a sickness?

On a similar note, I've always wondered what language multi-lingual people think in. Like, if I could speak French and English, would I think in French or in English - or both, even? I asked a friend once and she said that at work (where she speaks English) she usually thinks in English. But at home (where they speak Chinese), she thinks in Chinese. It absolutely fascinates me.

Another thing that's always befuddled me are colors. For instance, you and I both see grass as "green" because we were trained to call the color of grass green. But what if the green YOU see is actually what I see as pink...but you call it "green" because that's what you've been trained to do? Same with the sky - we know to call it "blue" but what if my blue is YOUR yellow? AAHHHH it makes my head want to explode!

I know that I'm weird. I embrace my weirdness. But I can't help thinking there are other weirdos out there that ponder these same mystical wonders...


Mrs. Newlywed said...

I definitely did that when I first started blogging, but I have really tried to stop. Some days it is worse than others :)

Jenn Renee said...

Back in junior high I would sometimes pretend my life was a movie and everyone around me were actors. It was probably some kind of coping mechanism to counteract the hell that was junior high, so that if something bad happened during the day it was okay because it was all just a movie. Yeah. Weird. :-P

As for the language thing, it's weird because I know some Spanish and I'm trying to learn French as well, but I think of everything in English and then convert the word to the other language, whereas native speakers of both just know the word in each language and switch modes back and forth. That would be so cool.

Katherine said...

For me it depends on what language I am using the most. If I have been speaking German all day or watch a good German movie, I find myself thinking in German. So 99% of the time I think in English :)

allison said...

i always think that exact same color thing..

Greg and Joette said...

YOU AMAZE ME MY CHILD/ADULT MOMMY TO BE!!! ALWAYS HAVE!! (Mrs Campbell would be so very proud-aaahhhhhh such an english teacher:) However, I must add --you get the mind wandering & endless thinking from me - BUT- the gift of writing---not so much:) I love you!! WIP is one blessed little boy to have YOU as his MOMMY!!!

The Keddies said...

I've been lurking for a bit -- love your blog! Just wanted to "delurk" to say that I've had the exact same thought experiment about color! My husband laughs at me every time I mention the possibility that my "blue" might be his "yellow," and that our color wheels could be shifted -- he generally says some science-y thing about light waves and color and stuff. But seriously, wouldn't it be interesting if we all had different perceptions of color?

Thanks for all the fun posts!