Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let Me Tell You What You Can Do With That Measuring Tape.

I am fearful that much like the priesthood, seamstresses are a dying profession. Literally.

Is it just me or is every seamstress employed by bridal shops about a zillion years old? I mean, really. The lady who altered my wedding dress was the youngest I've ever encountered and she was pushing 60.

The same can be said for the seamstress at the place we ordered our dresses for Jill and Kyle's wedding. She was 85 going on a trillion...and a little senile to boot. (What? She totally was!)

Anyway, here's how it went: we all took our turns in the dressing room trying on the dress - yes, even I tried it on and it was hilarious. The dress itself is beautiful - navy skirt, navy sweetheart top with a white ribbon and SPARKLES!

Then we all got our turn with Grandma-the-seamstress in the dressing room. Yes, even me. Keep in mind I am due in April and the wedding is in August.

After we were all measured she took us to the front desk and compared our measurements to the size chart to recommend a size to order.

When it was my turn, I reiterated my due date and the wedding date. Grams slid her glasses down her noes to better see the size chart and scrolled her finger down one of the columns to find my size.

"Well, according to this, honey, we'll need to order you this size," she said rather condescendingly.


I said, "Well, I mean no disrespect, but that has to be wrong. I just tried on the sample 8 skirt and it fit - short of 3 inches at the top that wouldn't zip because I am SEVEN. MONTHS. PREGNANT."

She just shrugged her shoulders and reiterated, "Well, honey, that's what the chart says."

After a few minutes of polite arguing, she realized she was looking at the wrong columns and conceded the victory. I mean, really. A 28?

So, the good news is that the dress is on order (NOT a 28) and I can now go shopping for shoes!! The bad news is that some other sucker is probably in there today not bold enough to sass back to Grams and will end up wearing a tent to her brother's wedding.

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Jamie said...

Well, I'm not sure if this will comfort you or make you feel worse, but this type of measuring and ordering for PG women for bridesmaids dresses is quite normal. (I think there seriously needs to be some warning signs at bridal shops about this type of thing, b/c I would freak too!) ALTHOUGH in your case - as you said - it's not fully necessary since you will no longer be pregnant at time of said wedding. :)

That was by far the worst part of bridal shop working in the bridal biz ... showing people dreaded numbers on horribly measured out sizing charts that are at least 2 sizes off anyway. Blech.