Sunday, January 4, 2009

Never. Again.

I've never considered myself to be an overly proud person. With the rare exception when I am without a doubt right in a debate vs. Joe, I will almost always admit when I'm wrong...or when I've done something wrong. I think it's good for the soul to not hold onto things.

That said, I would like to announce to the blogosphere that I've done something wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong and I'm actually a little bit ashamed to admit it to you.

I ate White Castle last night. Well, technically this morning. At 2 a.m.

I suppose I owe you some sort of backstory on this. It should be known that this was not some freakish pregnancy craving (I really never have those, actually), nor am I an avid White Castle connoisseur (including this incident, I've only eaten there twice).

Joe and I were up late working on the nursery (putting together an armoire after the midnight hour actually turned out well for us...go fig). When we were done, we were chilling on the couch together - each with our laptops open to Facebook trying to get millions on MobWars (it's a sad addiction, I know). Anyway, the TV was on for background noise and we had it turned to porn for fat people...aka the Food Network channel. "Good Eats" was on, and this particular episode was highlighting the fascination that Americans have with hamburgers. Don't judge, you know you've all seen it. And loved it.

You can see where this is going, right? I don't even think I have to get into the rest of the story, but it sums up to Joe and I hopping in the Jeep and heading 1.7 miles down the road to our friendly neighborhood White Castle at 2 freakin' a.m. for some mini burgers, fries and onion peels.

I regret it more than I can express to you in words or actions. My dreams were ridiculous as a result...and if they come true, I will give birth to a sea turtle in April.

No more White Castle at 2 a.m. for this momma, I assure you.

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