Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hubby!!

I adore birthdays. And while my own birthday has to be my absolute favorite day on the PLANET, Joey's comes in a close second. I'm sure WIP's birthday will eventually scoot to the #1 spot, thought...

Regardless, today is a day to celebrate the birth of one Joseph A. Van Wormer. Cue the Streamers! Balloons! Noisemakers! Singing! ("I'm siiiiinging. I'm in a store and I'm siiinging!")

Yes, I am awesome at Microsoft Paint, thankyouverymuch for noticing. And before you even ask, there is no birthday bootcamp for him. I know...such a selfish wife am I. But it's not because I haven't offered; he's just not as birthday-crazed as I am. So, we will spend the evening at home crafting a mind-blowing birthday cake.

What was that? You want more deets on the cake? Ask and you shall receive, my pupils...

My grandma invented (probably not the actual original innovator, but whatever) the ice cream cake long ago for her children. It's basically layers of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream completely coated in Cool Whip, then frozen solid. Um, yeah, it's amazing. My mom adopted the tradition and makes them every March 13, November 1, April 8 and December 7 for my dad, Kelli, Kyle and me.

When Joey married into our little clan, he also began getting the cakes. But in his quest to continually improve everything on this planet (why he's not an engineer I'll never know) he has since made some of his own famous cakes...with a slight twist. For my birthday, he opted to layer chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip ice cream with a chocolate chip cake. Delicious, but not as delicious as the original. And, for our friend Mike's birthday, he went with a Neapolitan theme - layering white cake with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream and using chocolate Cool Whip for the frosting. Again, delicious...but not as delicious as the OG of all ice cream cakes.

So, for his big day we're going balls-out. Instead of the traditional round cake sliced horizontally to make a stacked round cake, we're using bread pans to make a loaf cake. And he's going with the chocolate cake option paired with mint chocolate chip and peanut butter swirl ice cream layers.

I will either love it or vomit. I'll let you know either way.

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