Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not Bad For A Sunday.

Soooooooo...let's review what the VeeDub's have been up to today, shall we?

Joey woke me up for church a little after 8 a.m. Naturally, I fell back asleep and he went outside to shovel the mountains of snow that Mother Nature has so graciously dumped upon us over the last few days. Four violent snooze button whacks later, I managed to drag myself out of bed and went about preparing myself for the day.

We ended up being ridiculously late for the 9:45 service, so we opted instead to run a few errands and grab breakfast before the 11:15 service. Brills, no? Lowes, Target, Ram's Horn (my hashbrowns were cooked in no less than 1 stick of butter)...that's how we roll.

So the morning was fabulously productive...and then we walked back in the door.

In no way am I exaggerating when I say to you that I have not moved from my pleasant location on the couch since approximately 1 p.m. except to use the loo, get more water/snacks/juice or pick up the remote control that I somehow always manage to drop on the floor.

Speaking of the remote control - I've started playing a new game with WIP. I lay on the couch and put the remote control on my belly like a teeter totter (button side down for maximum bounce-age). Every time he ninja roundhouses me, the remote goes FLYING in the air. It's heeee-larious. If you're prego, I highly recommend giving it a whirl for hours and hours of mindless entertainment.

Back to the agenda for the day: I plan on continuing to keep the couch company well into the evening hours. I might make some popcorn and have some CF Diet Pepsi while watching some more "How I Met Your Mother." Yesyesyes...sounds to me like the perfect end to a really strenuous day. :)

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