Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Everyone...

Joe and I are going to register tomorrow. I've already started adding things here and there online, but there's nothing like seeing something in person to make you want it more, right?

Thusly, I'm starting to freak. Kids should only need food, clothing and shelter. And I've got the food locked down, Joe's painting the shelter and Grandma Joette has more than taken care of the clothing what the heck else do we need?

According to Babies 'R Us, a whole friggin' lot. Whose idea was it to invent 80 billion types of bottles? Can't there be ONE bottle that reduces gas, perfects formula flow AND is BPA free? I mean, pregnant women are already the most testy, confused and emotional beings on the planet, so why add to the stress?!?

I digress...and I need your help. They say that the best advice comes from those who've lived it, so please...give me all your tips. Please leave a comment or shoot me an email ( and tell me about the 3 or 4 things/products you could absolutely not live without. Diaper Genie? Wipe Warmer? Stroller? Desitin? Inquiring minds NEED to know!!

Thank you in advance. And, for what it's worth, I think that wipe warmers are ridiculous. My kid will not have one. :)


Brooke said...

Ok, I will comment here too.....yes, skip the wipe warmer, you already wise in that decision. I have 2 other recommendations though. Definitely get a stroller that fits the car seat. I think it is the item we used the most. We also purchased a Homedics sound machine with a white noise option on it, and we still use it to this day. It really seems to soothe the baby and block out any noise, so he sleeps longer than 20 minute increments when the phone is ringing constantly! Hope this helps!

Paul, Julie, and Charlie Brewer said...

1. Vaseline for the wee wee. LOTS OF IT!!
2. Mylicon gas drops!
3. Variety of pacifiers.
4. TINY TINY socks. You don't realize how small their feet are when they are born and their feet are always cold.
5. Diaper champ - You can use regular trash bags and it never stinks.
6. Long sleeve onsies with mittens.

And I also have the Homedics sound machine. It rocks!