Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dreams Really Do Come True.

And I'm not talking Disney World, people. I'm talking real sleeping dreams - the crazy pregnant kind.

Even in a state of non-pregnancy, I've been known to have weird dreams. I usually remember them, and they usually have some odd connection to something strange or new that I talked about or experienced that day. For instance, yesterday I blogged about my Carrie Underwood salon fantasies, and last night (in my dreams) I sang the National Anthem with her in my Grandmother's bathroom. It gets worse. It was at my Grandma's wedding...to Donny Osmond.

And I'm not talking the young and beautiful version of my Grandma. We're talking current state - 80+ years old, hearing shot, bad-back Grandma...and also the current (creepy) version of teeth-too-white Donny Osmond. I hope they are happy together. I really think they have what it takes to make it in this world. :)

I've got Carrie Underwood's presence figured out. Donny Osmond is a mystery to me - the only thing I can think would trigger it is that yesterday I read an email about some Miss America party/fundraiser that Marie Osmond will be at. You see the connection? And the wedding comes into play because I've been thinking (stressing) about the dress I have to order soon for my brother's wedding..."Hi, yes. I'm 6 months pregnant. I'm also a mind reader so I would like to order this dress in the magical size I am willing myself to be 3 months after birthing my first child. Oh, a 2 you say? Yes please!" (Now there's a dream if I've ever heard one...)

And, of COURSE, the bathroom. That one is perfectly clear; no explanation needed. Why shouldn't I dream about the place where I currently spend 83.96% of my day?

I'm sure this is the first of many near-psychotic pregnant dreams. I already know what you're thinking...and no, the sea turtle dream was not a result of gestation. I maintain it was a direct result of the White Castle. Case closed.


Jamie said...

Best blog post to date. Give my best to the newlyweds :)

Keliann and Michael said...

Oh, I wish my Crazy dreams waited until my 20+ week...I would say about week 6 mine got out-of-control-crazy...call me, we can compare dreams. :)