Monday, December 22, 2008

I Need A Vacation.

And lucky for me, my wish has been granted.

It's nothing fancy - no cocktails and sunshine - but it is a break from the everyday stresses of work and the shiteous economy in general. Much needed by many, I think.

We're off Dec. 24 - Jan. 11, and have so much planned! I'm going to be an organizing FREAK! The basement? It will shine like the top of the Chrysler building! The dining room? It will be painted and have chair rails and floor moulding! The nursery? It will be painted, decorated and organized as if WIP were going to be born on the 12th!

In all seriousness, we'll probably get to about 50% of what's on my list. Progress is progress, though, right?

In other news, Jake was tagged by a fellow blogger. (If you're a teacher, check her blog out - you'll love it!) I'm still learning the rules of being an official "blogger," as I really just consider this my platform for all my irrational and slightly amusing thoughts. But, I understand a tag means I've gotta do it...So, look for a "special edition" blog from Jake to come soon!

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