Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm So Outnumbered.

Well, it's official: It's a boy!!! Also known as HE-WIP and/or Almond Joy. And, with that also comes the unofficial overruling of the females in the VW household. Jake, Joe and WIP have me cornered. Or, I suppose I could look at it from the angle that I'm the only princess of the house. Yesyesyes, I like that. :)

We are absolutely over the moon. Everything looked great in the ultrasound: 4 chambers in the heart, healthy kidneys, 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 lips, 1 nose (ha! rhyme!), good size head/brain, long arm/leg bones and weighs 15 oz.

The first thing we did after we found out? I went pee. (I know it's crude...but seriously, they make you go in with FULL bladder! Makes the experience so painful.) I got to empty HALF of my bladder halfway through the ultrasound to make WIP flip over (better angle)...but have you ever tried to stop midstream (again, sorry for being crude) when you have to go really, really, really, really bad? It's damn near impossible. The things I do for you, kid! :)

After the pee, we went to Somerset for a nice lunch and played practice with names. I'll blog later about our top picks. Then we shopped around for a bit and bought 3 little boy outfits - his first! It was a special afternoon we will always remember.

Here's 3 good looks at the little man. The first is his foot (yes, the one he KICKS me with all the time!). The arrow is pointing to it. The second is a head profile - you can see his little nose and lips! And the third is one of the 3D ones we got...a nice surprise, as we didn't think our practice had the machine for it. I love it because you can actually imagine what he'll look like in real life (not that this isn't real life, but...well, you know what I mean). STUD!

So, to those that guessed boy: congrats! And to those that guessed girl: better luck next time. :)

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Jamie said...

Agreed. Baby WIP is a stud. Isn't it amazing to see that picture of his little face? I am so excited for you both!!! And your princess theory is the definite truth :) Love you!!