Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why I Love Joe.

So, I found a quote today that I really like:

A heart is a kingdom conquerable only by love.
One smile, one hug, one kiss from you and I know you hold the key to my heart.

What kingdoms lie awaiting you my little prince charming?

Awwww....wouldn't that just be perfect for little WIP's room?

Anyway, I sent it to Joe to see what he thought. The poor guy has been in meetings all week with engineers, so his head's not on quite straight. And nothing against engineers - they keep this place innovating - but they do have a different way of thinking and processing, don't they?

Keep in mind where his head has been as you read his response to me:

And I love you. If I was an engineer, I would search the internet for all the possible definitions of love. I would then assemble a group of data analysts to vet this data, then hire a program manager to identify a project plan to develop, test and deploy a new definition of love perfectly designed just to show you how I feel about you. It would take about 12 years to do it, but you are worth it!

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