Monday, December 15, 2008

Screw the Circus.

The Circus is often advertised as "The Greatest Show on Earth." Have their PR people seen Wicked? I mean, RUNS AWAY with this title.

Now, I don't go handing out these awards to every musical that tickles my fancy. I've seen more shows than I care to admit (most for free, thanks for my sweet job at Miller Auditorium in college) and I am a pretty tough critic.

To be fair, Thoroughly Modern Millie has been my standing fave since 2002, when my dad took us on a whirlwind NYC/Broadway tour. The story, the music, the costumes, the choreography...le sigh. TMM, I'm sorry to say you've been nearly blown out of the park by Wicked. Wowzers.

Maybe it was just because of the anticipation that's been building for 3 1/2 months, but everything was magical about Saturday night. We started with a lovely dinner at Andiamo's Riverfront (valet parking, what?!)...complete with appetizers, dinner and dessert. (Their tiramisu is delish!)

Then, because it was a bit dreary, we took a taxi to the Opera House. I know - a taxi in downtown Detroit...such fun! This picture is proof. :)

We arrived safe and sound at the Opera House, found our seats and then followed my nose to the roasted almonds cart. Mmmmmmmm. We managed to snag this picture first:

The show could not have been better. I was elated that the only understudy was not a lead character. And, the actors that played Fiyero and Elphaba both originated roles in Legally Blonde on Broadway - Warner and Enid, respectively. (And, Laura Belle Bundy was cast as the US to Kristin Chenoweth for Glinda in the original Broadway cast.) The female voices of the show were so powerful...argh! I can't say enough awesome things about it!

During curtain call, I was clapping furiously and wishing with all my might they would start all over and do it again. I would have sat through it 5 more times that night...sleepiness and all.

To those that have not seen it - GO! Call me, I will go with you! And, I would strongly encourage you to not read the book first. I didn't, so all the little surprises that come up during the show were even more exciting.

We took the people mover (we don't discriminate...we support all types of Detroit public transportation!) back to the Ren Cen. As we were waiting for it to arrive, we got a little silly with a new friend:

It was the best weekend, ever. And I have the greatest husband for planning it. :)

...and I wasn't kidding about seeing it again. Call me.

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Abby said...

I cried during "defying gravity" the first time I saw it. I've seen it I think 3 times now... my favorite show for sure! One of the few I will pay to see more than once.