Friday, December 12, 2008

I Won! (Sorta)

The night Kyle and Jill got engaged, my mom thought it would be funny to take a picture of my belly and Tami's belly "smooching." (It's actually even funnier** now that we know she and Nate are having a girl and we are having a boy...maybe it's fate?)

Anyway, I thought the picture was so cute that I entered it into a "bump" photo contest that was having. Much to my surprise, the photo was selected as a top 10 finalist! We didn't win the grand prize (new camera), but our bellies are now famous!!

Click here to view the slideshow of finalists. Choose the "bump" gallery on the left. We are picture #3, and the winner is #11.

Or, if you're lazy, here's the pic I submitted:

As you can tell, Tami is a little farther along in her pregnancy. :) Hopefully her daughter will like younger men. Ha!

** "Funnier" is a word, dangit!

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