Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Day In The Life.

It's been a rather eventful weekend at the Talicska abode in the bustling metropolis of Auburn, Mich. In fact, we've had more catastrophes in the last 2 days than most house guests can conjure up in a week.

It began late Thursday night. We stayed up extra late to open all our presents, so by the time midnight rolled around we were all very, very ready for bed. I was in the upstairs bathroom getting ready and I heard Joe in the hallway.

"Kristi?" He asked in a small, squeaky voice.

"Yes, dear?" I replied.

"Um. I guess I have a small cut on the bottom of my foot and I accidentally got a little bit of blood on the carpet," he said.

It should be noted here that my Mom and Dad have white carpet throughout the ENTIRE upstairs and into most of the downstairs.

"Well, go let my Mom know so we can clean it right away," I replied.

So, I exited the bathroom expecting to see 5 or so little drops of blood on the carpet because, let's face it, he didn't sound too nervous when he confessed to me. Much to my surprise, I walk out of the bathroom and onto the set of Scream III. Seriously - hundreds of specks of blood throughout the entire upstairs AND up and down the stairway. Did he run a small marathon with an oozing, injured foot? I about died.

Everyone had a good laugh at poor Joe's expense (he was mortified). And it was actually nothing a little Oxy carpet cleaner, 3 toothbrushes and a Little Green Machine couldn't handle. If you look at it glass-full, Mom got her carpet cleaned! Also, for those concerned...Joe's foot is all better.

Then, to make the weekend a little more exciting, Kelli nearly flooded the downstairs bathroom on Friday. It should also be noted that the downstairs bathroom is carpeted. (I know, who carpets a bathroom? But it actually works, because it's the back entrance bathroom and is rough and tumble indoor carpet.)

Anyway, Kelli is more or less notorious for her ability to clog any bathroom toilet. (Sorry for exposing this to the blogosphere, sis, but really...the world needs to be warned.) I honestly think she could clog a Port-A-John. But this particular incident actually had nothing to do with a clogging and/or over-usage of TP, as the story has been told to us. No one was actually with her in the loo to back up her story. She claims it was the result of an improperly timed double flush. As she saw the water start to rise, she instinctively tore the lid off the back and pulled up the lever...with a little too much gusto. Some sort of necessary bolt and/or keepsitalltogether part came undone and water began to spew with great force from the back of the toilet onto the CEILING. I know. Heeeelarious. We all then had a laugh at her expense and moved on.

In other words, the Little Green Machine has been worth its weight on gold this particular trip.

Maybe tomorrow Kyle will make the oven explode or something. Although, at the rate this rain is going, I might have a sump pump incident for your entertainment tomorrow. Cheers!


Jamie said...

Dying. here.

Oh how I would love to have a video of these moments ...

Lori said...

I LOVE it! I'm glad that my family isn't the only one that has silly little mis-haps.