Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Birthday Bootcamp.

The first week of December might just be the best week of the year as far as I'm concerned. You see, I practice a little tradition I like to call "Birthday Bootcamp." This began when Joe and I were dating and consists of me getting lots of attention and gifts the week leading up to my birthday. (Shocking, I know.) He's survived 3 of them thus far...we shall see how he prevails in 2008.

In other birthday goodness news, I (still) LOVE COUPONS. The following are offers that I have received via e-mail or snail mail from some of my particularly favorite retailers. I am so thankful that they have also opted to share in the Bootcamp celebrations this year.
  • FREE burger @ Red Robin
  • $15 at Limited
  • FREE medium drink at Caribou Coffee
  • $10 at Victoria's Secret (more free prego undies!)
  • FREE Blizzard at Dairy Queen
  • 20% off at Hallmark
  • FREE bubble bath at Sephora

And those are just the ones I've received so far. Who knows what will come between now and Sunday?!? Woot! Bring on the free stuff!

And speaking of bargains, I must also share some of the newest additions to baby WIP's nursery. We nabbed these at 30% off and used an extra $40 off coupon - so what should have cost us a total of $358 ended up being only $212. That's $146 for the college fund! (So glad there is a calculator at my desk...)

So, that about wraps up all the essential furniture for the nursery. The extra storage will be so, so good to have - and we're going to put different (cuter) pulls on the drawers to tie everything together. I'm so pleased with all the bargains we've nabbed. Now we just need to have carpeting put in (it's hardwood now...brrr on little toesies!) and figure out a "theme." We'll know more about that next Monday!!

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allison said...

hi kristi! miss you! did you know, that with the red robin free burger, you can use it over and over and they'll never notice? just keep printing it out! you have more than one day to use it if i remember correctly! just sayin!