Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hump Day, Bump Day!

Can I get a resounding "woooooooooooooooooooot!" from the crowd?!? Heck yeah, people...we've made it to the halfway point! Today marks 20 weeks...but I can't figure out if I want to be glass half empty or glass half full about it. :) Either way, here's a look at the bump. (A colleague that I rarely see at the office stopped me in the hall today and said, "Do I see a baby in there?" To which I replied, "Well, lucky for you I'm not just fat!" Sooooo, I guess that means I'm officially starting to look pregnant.)

"Congratulations, Kristi! You’re 20 Weeks Pregnant. You're at about the midpoint of your pregnancy. Your baby measures about 5.6 to 6.4 inches from crown to rump and weighs about 9 ounces. He can hear sounds by now – so talk to your baby often. Baby will even cover his ears with his hands if a loud sound is made near you, and he may even become startled and "jump." Your baby is moving often, too -- twisting, turning, wiggling, punching and kicking. Can you feel him? Your uterus is just about even with your navel and your waistline has pretty much disappeared. But don't worry, it is only temporary!"

Ummmm...I would now like to send an open letter to the author of these weekly updates.

Dear rude Author at Fit Pregnancy (you are most likely a male who is also not a babydaddy of an "expanding" female):

While I really appreciate the updates on the happenings and goings-on in my tum tum, I would really, really, really appreciate it if you would cease from dissing my disappearing waistline. Sure, I know you added a disclaimer that it's "only temporary"...as if that's supposed to make me feel better or something! Well, it doesn't. Temporary is like an hour. A day. Even 2 days, max. 9 months is SEMI-FREAKIN'-PERMANENT. Please start saying nice things about my expansion or I will be forced to hunt you down and stuff your shirt with sacks of potatoes.

Kristi "Ever Expanding" Van Wormer

In birthday bootcamp news, Joey sent me flowers yesterday - gerber daisies - my fave!

And, I received a "free scoop" coupon from Baskin Robbins for my birthday. Add it to the list!!

Also, WIP is going to have a new friend and long-distance playmate on or around June 26, 2009. My friend and coworker, Marissa (and her husband Tom) are expecting!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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