Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's A Genetic Addiction.

When we first told everyone that we were planning to find out the sex of WIP, my dad (sarcastically) pleaded with me to not tell my mom. He was certain that knowing whether she should visit the pink or the blue section in stores would triple his Visa bill. And, I'm pretty sure he was right. (Sorry, dad!)

I am proud to report that I inherited this shopping gene from my mother. However, you should all know by now that (sans the recent jeans purchase) I'm a wicked smart shopper...also inhereted from mom. My addicition to coupons and sale items has gotten me far...and these most recent purchases are no exception.

I got these cute little onesies for the WIPster at Free shipping and they were all under $3!! The grey one is my all-time fave. If you can't see it, it says "Christmas Wrapper" and the little present has a microphone and is saying, "Everybody say 'Hoooooooo!" Ho! Ho! Ho!'" Funniest. Ever.

And...drumroll's the bedding set that we found (and love!). I know that we probably should have waited to register for it, but we want to paint the nursery over our Christmas break, and it simply has to match! I didn't get alllllllll of the accessories (most, not all) so there will still be things to get down the road.

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