Friday, December 26, 2008

Holy Addicting, Batman.

Exciting news: Joe got me a Wii for Christmas! (That's what she said.)

The not-so-exciting news: I'm pretty sure I won't be able to move tomorrow. You see, this Wii has provided me with an unstoppable excuse to get off my rear and actually increase my heart rate to a level above sedentary. I've seen more activity in the last 4 hours than I have since August, no joke. I suppose on some sick, twisted level it's good for me. But still...we all know I'm lazy. I need a Starbuckies, stat.

WIP doesn't even know what to do with all this movement... I call it payback, kid. How do YOU like it? :)

We spent the better part of the post-breakfast hours making Miis for everyone - you know, the Avatars that are the little characters when you play. We got creative and made one for all of us...Dad's is actually an uncanny resemblance.

Me - Kristii
Joey - JoeWii
WIP - Wiip
Kelli - Kellii
Jill - Jillii
Kyle - Kiile
Mom - Grammii
Dad - Grandpii

Weird and creative, right? :) Just like us.

As I type, Kyle and Joe are having the tennis deathmatch of a lifetime. Based on the yelps and "boo-yas!" I'm guessing Joe is the current victor. Grandpa Neveau is watching them from the chair - half laughing at the boys dancing around and swinging their arms around like fools and half in awe of the technological advances he is witnessing. Hard to believe that electricity didn't exist in his lifetime, right?

Kelli's running 5 miles on the treadmill in preparation for her 1/2 marathon. I'm cheering her on wildly from the futon, promise. Jill's in the shower and Mom and Dad are cookin' us up some delicious dinner. Life is grand.

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