Sunday, December 21, 2008

Simmer Down, Now!

So, what would Donna Summer's phone book entry look like?

Summer, Donna.

Now, slow it down just a bit...

Simmer down now! :)

(10 points awarded to those who get it.)

I promise there is a relevance to today's post title. Over the last few days, WIP has been more...let's than usual. So, instead of wasting the hours between 2 am and 4 am (when he is most active), I thought it would be fun to think of all the silly things the little dude might be doing in my tum tum.

  1. Playing a game of Quidditch with his imaginary Harry Potter friends. I assume WIP is Harry Potter, my bladder can be Hermoine and the uterus can be Ron. (Disclaimer: in no way do I claim to have passed even a high school level anatomy course.)
  2. Practicing diligently for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Based on the current level of movement, I am hopeful for a gold on the Pommel Horse. Joe and I would be WAY cooler Olympic parents than Michael Phelps' mom...and I wouldn't wear those awful sweaters!
  3. Vying for a new World Record in jump rope - using the umbilical cord, obviously. He's getting in some great training for "Miss Mary Mack," I assure you.

I hope he keeps practicing for all of the above, as we want him to be both creative and athletic. I just wish he could train during normal waking hours. :)

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Jamie said...

I heart this post :) WIP is totally playing Quidditch in there (btw, I have NO clue what that means, but the word makes me giggle)