Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hump Day, Bump Day!

Week 30!

"Congratulations, Kristi! You're 30 Weeks Pregnant. Your baby measures about 17 inches from head to toe and weighs about 3 pounds. Baby is growing plumper and beginning to control his own body temperature. Eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed, and hair on the head is getting thicker. Head and body are now proportioned like a newborn's. Hands are now fully formed and fingernails are growing. Your uterus is about four inches above your navel, and it's hard to believe you still have about 10 weeks to go. You may be feeling more discomfort in your pelvis and abdomen now and you can expect to gain about a pound a week from now until delivery."

It's not hard to believe I have 10 weeks to go, but it is hard to believe he's 17 inches long. I know he's all squished up in there, but I put a piece of 13" x 17" paper across my belly yesterday and it's BIG! 17 inches is long (that's what she said) and it doesn't seem like he should fit. But I suppose that's why I'm feeling more and more movement - he's getting too big for his little house so getting comfy is harder, I guess.

I've actually really started to notice the pelvic (gross word) discomfort, seemingly more so when I'm walking. But I continue to be active so I can bounce back into shape a little quicker for that size 28 bridesmaid dress I'm wearing in August. :)

Do you SEE how far along the "Countdown to WIP" is at the bottom of the blog? It feels like just yesterday that it was alllllll the way to the left and I thought we would never even reach the halfway point...time flies when you're ginormous!

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