Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow White Can Bite Me.

I'm Grumpy the Dwarf today. I don't know why - I have absolutely no reason to be in a bad mood. I just am. I feel like I could burst into hysterical tears at any second or, as an alternate, tear through a cement wall with my bear hands while screaming at the top of my lungs in anger and frustration. Truly, there is no ryhme or reason for these feelings. I'll chalk it up to my first pregnancy-related emotional roller coaster. Not bad for 6.5 months into this, right?

So, I am dealing with it and moving on. I'm putting on my big girl britches. Yeah, the ones with the adjustable panels on the side to fit my Jupiter-sized arse. (Should have used Uranus there...) And if that's not bad enough, my britches are covered in fuzz from my sweater. No lint roller in sight, either.

To counteract my grumpiness, here's some happiness:

Isn't it the CUTEST! Total IKEA find...WIP's my little "Frog Prince."

The changer! It's obviously not in its final resting place, nor do I have the baskets for the shelf or cover for the pad...but it's something!

A friend/coworker (who had all boys) gave us all her old baby hangers! You know what that means...more shopping!!!

AAAHHH! Le crib! We finished it last night. (Well, I haven't actually washed any of the bedding yet...too excited to see what it looked like.) I still have to put the decorations on the wall and arrange everything how we want it. SO.EXCITING.

That's the end of the happiness train today. I might go home and go back to bed. Steer clear if you are in my general vicinity. You've been warned.

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Anonymous said...

I love Ikea. The frog is adorable. You'll have to show us pics when the room is finished.