Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Nail Technician...

When I came into your business establishment for a pedi and a lip wax tonight, that's all I wanted.

It is my prerogative as a paying customer to sit in your fancy massage chair and read ancient issues of "Vogue" without making small talk. I may even fall asleep if the spirit moves me. I can do that because my $30 (and your tip) depends on it.

So, when you are massaging my legs and look up over your face mask to tell me "you swollen," I might just get pissy with you. Did you NOT see my enormous stomach when I heave-hoed myself into said massage chair? I am very obviously pregnant. And totally aware of the side effects.

Back to the massage, please.


Kelli said...

Hahaha. She was very lucky she was out of arms reach :)

Q. and La. said...

Ok THAT is awesome. I feel you, totally! People say the darndest things!!! *just happened on your blog*