Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I realize my posts are a little out of control today...I just can't help myself.

You're all aware of my addiction to deals, coupons and bargains, so this should come as no surprise.

I must share with all the local moms a sincere treasure I just discovered in Sterling Heights - at the corner of 16 and Dequindre, to be exact. It's called Kids Go 'Round Auctions and is a children's resale shop (they also have an ebay storefront). The super cool thing is that the store is broken into 2 sections - clothing and "other."

In the "other" section, they have everything from cribs to toy chests to wagons to swings to strollers to carseats...so. much. stuff. But the BEST news is that they had the aquarium bouncer I've wanted! But instead of the ridiculously overpriced $54.99 pricetag I would have had to swallow at Babies 'R Us, I snagged it for $18!

There was SO much more I wanted to buy, but I refrained because we're going to a Mom2Mom sale in Farmington next week and there's still another resale store I have to check out in Troy. I'm also planning on heading to the warehouse I snagged our glider from to get one of those fancy tummy playmats (new!) for $35...as opposed to $64.99 @ BRU.

It's a sickness, I know. But when we take a vacation in November with all the money we've saved it will be so, so worth it. :)

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Andrea Schultz said...

I went to a resale shop for lots of things...well one thing, the swing, so worth it!!