Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Priceline Whiz-in-ator.

Le sigh.

There are many things that I miss. I miss my non-PG clothes; I miss taking scalding hot bubble baths; I miss Diet Pepsi; I miss Starbucks; I miss getting up from a chair on the first try; I miss my sexy undergarments; I miss my little boobies (crazy, right?); I really miss margaritas; I miss eating Mexican food without wanting to rip out my innards.

But most of all, I miss infrequent trips to the bathroom. I've always had a small bladder, but abso-toote-ly nothing compares to the number of times I visit the loo on a daily basis now.

You might remember that I instituted a "no liquids after 8 pm" rule to avoid getting up 19 times in the middle of the night to whiz. Well, I had my last glass of H2O at about 7:30 last night and I still got up on 9 separate occasions. Not. Exaggerating.

So, new rule: no liquids after 7 pm. Let's see how it works.

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