Thursday, February 26, 2009

Showered With Love.

The shower on Saturday was an absolute blast. It was thrown with lots of love by Grandma Joette (my mom) and Grandma Susan (Joey's mom). The men were our servers for the afternoon - so not only did we have some nice eye candy, they worked hard, too! :)

As only my luck would have it, Mother Nature also decided to drop a big, fat snowstorm on most of Southern Michigan that same day between the hours of noon and 3 p.m. Please note that the shower was scheduled to begin at 1 p.m., so the worst of the snow dumping was during prime guest driving time. Honestly, there wasn't a FLECK of snow on the ground at 10 a.m. on Saturday and Friday was quite possibly the most gorgeous day we'd had in a long, long time. Le sigh.

Come to think of it, it just might be my karma. I graduated from college in April of 2005 and the same thing happened that day...and it was APRIL!

Despite the snow, we still had a great turnout. Only about a dozen people couldn't make it because of the storm - and to the people that braved the weather and STILL came, THANK YOU!! It was so fun to have you there to celebrate our little WIP.

The decorations were perfect. The food was delish. The dessert was scrumptious. Have a look for yourself (click on any image to make it larger):

PROOF! I snapped this one at about 11 am - 2 hours before the shower was slated to start. And it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing...

The "baby Kristi" picture board. I was even a diva back then.

The "baby Joey" board. You cannot look at his board and my board and tell me I'm not going to birth the hairiest little monkey you've ever seen. Poor kid will be shaving at 6.

The tables! It was so perfect that the church had blue table settings already!

The food table - blue and fabulous. (It was even more fabulous once the delicious food was on it.)

Pinning Joey's "boutonniere" on him. It was a picture of WIP's 3D ultrasound. Totally staged.

Proud Mommy and Daddy.

Joey and I with my parents. Note the polka-dot theme.

Joey and I with his mom, Susan. (Wow...I look enormous.)

Joey (hilariously) demonstrating his favorite Daddy accessory - the Bjorn. I'm relatively certain he will NEVER take it off once WIP is born. Well, at least until the kid no longer fits in it. Haha - can you imagine him carrying the little dude into preschool in that? Or maybe even to 8th grade basketball tryouts? :) Or auditions for the school musical...we'll be encouraging parents.

Me showing off a HAND MADE freakin' awesome diaper bag from my cousin, Lauren. She's so talented it's unreal. She also makes purses and other crafty, fabulous things. If you want her info, leave a comment or shoot me an email! She can custom make something to match your taste and style! (Isn't it cool how she made this to match WIP's room? I LOVE IT!!!)

Joey showing off one of the gifts I bought him - it's a onesie that says "Weepublican." Despite your political affiliation, it's totally cute.

Joey proudly showing off one of his favorite gifts. It's a bib that says "Future Pike." It was a gift from his fraternity brother and best friend, Mike. There was also the cutest little polo shirt with their Greek letters embroidered in it. Can you picture little WIP wearing it, popped collar and spiked hair? P-I-M-P!

Yippie skippie! Our stroller/carseat travel system!!!

Dessert! Petit fours with little baby booties on them and sherbet...with a baby! :)

A big thank you, again, to everyone that was able to make it and for all of the lovely gifts. We are so, so blessed to have such an amazing support system of family and friends as we bring a little life into this world. We can't wait until he's here to share with everyone!! Like they say, it takes a village. :)


Brooke said...


I'd love your cousin's info on her adorable diaper bags!!! That is so so cute! I ordered one from a site online and since I haven't received it, and it's been 1 month since I ordered, I'm deducing that it is a shady website, and won't be getting anything! Ugh!! So frustrating. I'm in the process of disputing it right now. Anyway, thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

It looks like it was a great time, I totally wish I could have been there.