Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hump Day, Bump Day!

Another week has passed us by! Well, I say that as if time has just been flying by...which is 50% lie, 50% truth. Shockingly, the days do fly by when I'm at work. It's the weekends and evenings that goooo sooooo sloooowwwwlly. Weird, right? At work, I'm always on the go and not really thinking about being pregnant, but at home I settle into my jammies and park myself on the couch, unable to move for hours on end. Le sigh.

Here's the bumpalicious:

"Congratulations, Kristi! You’re 31 Weeks Pregnant. Your baby measures about 18 inches long from head to toe and weighs about 3.5 pounds. Rather than hearing vibrations, his ears have matured enough so that he can hear distinct sounds, like familiar voices and music. Your uterus now fills a large part of your abdomen, and you've probably gained between 21 and 27 pounds. You're probably feeling increasing excitement and anxiousness about the birth -- it won't be long now."

I actually did have my first panic attack about the whole birthing process the other night. I'm probably the biggest wussie on the entire planet when pain is involved, and I just had this flash of lighting visual in my head - me sweating, screaming and pushing...**shivers down spine**. Our "Childhood Education" class starts next week, so hopefully some of my psychotic fears will be calmed. (Plus I'm sure they will provide many, many enjoyable blog posts.)

Joe's talking to my belly more now that he knows WIP can distinguish his voice. I'm sure he would like the world to know that he's being very manly and telling him stories of fishing, burping and scratching, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. He's a total softie. :)

Enjoy your Hump Day, y'all.

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