Monday, February 16, 2009

Need A QTip?

Joe and I had quite the que romantico Valentine's Day. Started with a glorious sleep-in until 9. Then I cleaned the house while he hopped in and out of conference calls (boo). We had a muy delicioso lunch at Azteca, one of our fave local Mexican establishments and went shopping!

We were on the hunt for some very specific things, none of which we actually found. The last stop on our trip was Costco...where we managed to find everything we didn't need.

Seriously, why is it that you can't just run into Costco for one or two things? We had a list and didn't stick to it - something we're usually very good about doing. And it's such a ridiculous American thing, too. For instance, a lifetime supply of Drano on any other occasion would not be considered a good life choice, but amidst all the other crazies filling up their carts at warp speed, we somehow couldn't resist. I will never, ever run out of: dishwasher tabs, QTips, toothpaste, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Red Vines, gum, granola bars or stamps. Technically the stamps were a smart buy - postage goes up May 11. Buy your forever stamps now!

Yet they still sell milk by the single gallon. I don't get it. Why is there not a 2 or 5 gallon option?

While we were there, we also made it a point to check out the diapers and wipes. Not bad. Not bad at all. They alone will probably make the cost of membership worth it in the years to come.

We picked up a pizza from the concession stand on the way out. OMG. They are the most delicious things on the face of the earth - and only $10! Yum, yum, yum. Highly recommended.

We rounded out the evening with a visit from Mark, a dear friend. His mom knit WIP the most adorable little sweater - I will post pics of it tomorrow!


Jamie said...

Bulk Red Vines?! There could be no better thing. That alone is totally worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

I've only ever seen Red Vines. I've never eaten them. I assume they are like regular Twizzlers?

Kristi said...

Eeep! You've never had them? You must! They are like Twizzlers only infinitessimally better.

Abby said...

i second the red vines are better than twizzlers argument.