Thursday, September 10, 2009


Please forgive the pong-like nature of this post, but there seems to be so much going on in the world and this is the only way I can control my little corner of it. I give you...The Bulleted List.
  • Ellen. First, her season premiere was amazing. Are you kidding me with that dance? The woman is in the 50+ club. Go, girl! Secondly, as the new judge on AI...unsure. I love me some Ellen as much as the next straight girl with a crush on Portia, but will wait to pass judgment until I see it for myself.
  • Kenny Chesney. New song "I'm Alive" feat. Dave Matthews? Fabulousness. Download it now. Very chill. And I don't even like a general rule.
  • On that note (pun intended), when did Phil Stacey get a gig? I'm jamming to XM32 @ my desk and his song "You're Not Shaken" just came on. Rather Clay Aiken-esque, but overall somewhat catchy.
  • Baja Fresh. What's with the brown color medium salsa? I mean, it's delicious and all...but brown? Really? That said, my lunch was muy fantastico.
  • Stamps. Way too effing expensive. It will soon be cheaper to drive a 1984 Chevy El Camino across the continental United States to say "hello" in person than to send a card.
  • Glee. I practially peed myself during the season premiere. Best new show of the season, hands down. I heart it.
  • Mr. President. Apparently I tuned in waaaaaaay too late to proclaim an opinion on his "Back To School" message to le children. Truth be told, I rather agree with what she had to say on the topic. Preach, sista.
  • Sharpie. Why can I not find the new retractable pens in any store in Metro Detroit? Rar. If you find one, buy it for me please. I will drive my El Camino to come pick it up.


Jackie D. said...

Baja Fresh? Is that where you were? And, getting a burrito for Roger to boot. I guess you forgot about lil' ol' me and our Halloween costume outing + lunch. It's OK, I'll eventually get over it. Luckily I am going to Disney this week, so I can turn my frowny face into a smiley face. So very sad :(

Breadwinner Wife said...

Ellen is hilarious and very entertaining, but I don't understand the selection of her as a permanent judge because she doesn't have any part of the music industry. It feels like just a way for the producers to get ratings because they know people love her. What will she contribute to the show as far as critiquing the contestants? It's just an odd choice.

Windy City Lindsay said...

You don't like DMB??? I don't know if we can be friends anymore...

Jen Gifford said...

I sooooo jealous that you still have Baja Fresh up there!! :( All of the locations in Indianapolis closed and I was under the impression that the entire chain was gone. Lucky you!!

Oh and about this not liking DMB...that just makes me sad!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

my mid mid-life crisis said...

I triple puffy heart with glitter LOVE glee! And, I agree with Lindsay.. I'm not sure we can be bloggy friends if you don't heart DMB.