Friday, September 4, 2009

Anniversary Trip: Day Three.

Day 3 was very special and laid back. We started the morning with mass at the church we were married in. It was so fun to just sit there, listening to my most favorite piano player on the earth jam out some serious Jesus tunes and show off my 'lil man to the church family. Alex especially loved the green "robe" that Fr. Bert had on. :)

Then we went back to my parents' house, where we relaxed and enjoyed our favorite meal Mom makes - stuffed peppers! Mom and Dad are nearly done with the big home renovation (finally in the decorating stage) so I helped mom arrange some pictures and knick-knacky things. They gave us a fun and thoughful gift of all cotton things (2nd anniverary traditional gift) and Grandpa N. even joined us for dessert. Perfect.

Then we drove home, snuggled in for the evening and watched our latest Netflix. All in all, a fantabulous weekend. I can't wait for anniversary #50 when I'm still blogging (probably with arthritis) about our ridiculous adventures of life and in love.

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