Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner.

I got an interesting 'lil email in my inbox yesterday. Behold:

Umm...the interpretation of it basically reads, "Hey, need to urgently enter Alex because he's the freaking cutest kid on earth." And so, I did.

Please click here to cast a vote for my little man. Just search for his contestant number, 809679244. You have to create a membership and login to vote, but it's free!

The People's Choice winner (a.k.a. highest vote getter) wins a family vacation. The babies chosen for the photo shoot and gift card are chosen directly by GAP and not influenced by voting. So technically, he could win BOTH!

You can vote once a day now through Nov. 17, so rest assured that between now and then will contain some sort of reminder to vote. And I'll probably add a reminder button somewhere along the right column. It will get annoying. Consider yourself warned.

And let me know if you enter your kid(s)...I'll vote for them, too!


*cait* said...

Since I stalk you daily, I am attempting to vote for Alex--but 1) the link for castingcall is incorrect and 2) I search for Alex by his number and I get zilch. Help an auntie out!

christa said...

hi kristi!

i voted for alex..if you input his # you get nothing so i just redid it by staying logged in and did it and it finally logged my vote, i also entered my two kids and search for them and get nothing:( will you please vote for them also? here is their info..

Ethan G.Boy
ID: 576882522

Matthew G.Baby Boy
ID: 716882893

ill vote for alex every day and im spreading the word! thanks

my mid mid-life crisis said...

I voted for Alex! Of course, after I voted I stalked around to check out the competition... they've got nothing on him! :)