Monday, September 7, 2009


(as in, 'I am woman, hear me...')

Guess what I did yesterday, peeps? TILED THE BASEMENT. Boo-yeah.

As mentioned previously, Joe and I are transforming the basement into a livable space - somewhere we can keep all of Alex's toys and just hang out and be comfy as a family. Since the laundry is in the basement, we decided to tile that corner...ourselves. And, after a long, hard day it looks awesome. Special thanks to Mom and Dad who came to hang out with little man while we put in our sweat equity. We were a little intimidated at the thought of DIY-ing it at first, but I assure you the peel-n-stick 18" tile is the way to go. A little washing of the floor, a little priming of the floor, a little peeling and a little sticking and you've got yourself a fabulous space. It's that easy!

The carpet for the steps and rest of the floor is being installed (by professionals...not willing to tackle that one solo) on Wednesday. Bonus: I get to work from home that day and hang with Alex.

Then, I get the sectional sofa sleeper I've been wanting forever and Joey gets the flat screen TV he's been "needing" forever.

...and despite my underwhelming excitement about going back to work, it's nice to be a 2 income family again.

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Stephanie said...

Way to go! I have no ability to DIY things, but you are awesome!