Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Up?

Hello, blogosphere. It's me, Alex. Mom's putting another load of my barfy bibs into the washing machine, so I scooted my Bumbo over to the 'puter to get my blog on.

A lot has happened in my little noggin' since you last heard from me. I'm basically rockin' out the number twos like it's my job, and I like to let everyone within a 3 mile radius know when I'm doing my business. Mom always laughs at me when my face gets real red and I start grunting away. Not so amusing, she also captured it on video and threatened to show it to my senior prom date. So. Embarrassing.

I adore this thing Mom and Dad call "bath time." They put me in this giant thing of water and I just get to splash around and squeal like a little piggy. My favorite part is when Mom washes my me the goosebumps just thinkin' about it!

My morning time with Dad is always fun. He always laughs at me when he unwraps my SwaddleMe because I stretch to what seems like 6 ft. tall. I don't know why I'm so amusing to him...if he had to be wrapped up like a burrito when he slept, he would really like it when he was finally free, too. Anyway, then he changes me and sings to me and feeds me until Mommy wakes up. She loves to sleep more than me, I think.

While Daddy is gone, Mommy sings to me and reads to me and plays pattycake. Yesterday we made cookies...why can't I have one of those instead of those crappy bottles I always get? Boo. I love it when Mommy rocks me to sleep for my afternoon nap...and then I trick her into thinking I'm really asleep. Then *right* at the moment she puts me in my crib I snap my eyes open and want to play again. Basically, I'm awesome.

Ok, looks like my time here is up. Time to go meet up with my bouncy and the yellow star that blows bubbles have some unfinished business.

Peace out,

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christa said...

ha ha alex you do rock! great blog this time buddy and cant wait to hear more from you! glad you dig your mom and dad, i hear they are pretty awsome! your growing like a weed buddy keep it up!