Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday.

Down 0.3 pounds this week.

...which can only tell me one thing: that I was actually UP last week, but Mom's scale was slightly off. Drat.

Either way, I'm back in the game. I actually went for a run for the first time since...oh...a year ago...on Sunday. We got home from church and my brain was so exhausted but my body had this crazy burst of energy. So I strapped on the ol' Asics, grabbed my iPod and went for it.

As only my luck would have it, my iPod ran out of juice about 1/3 into my run and by "run" I do mean a slow jog with a little extra "hop" to make it look as if I'm actually running to anyone that might drive by. I have all the songs on my running playlist strategically placed so that the super energizing songs I love come on right about the time I know I'm about to poop out. As such, I was well into the 2nd chorus of Kanye's "Stronger" when it died. Gah. Then I lost my mojo.

Today's lessons: always fully charge your iPod at night and Gerber's prune apple juice is a GREAT laxative for constipated babies. Story for another day.

How'd you do?


JenJen said...

my two babies are 7 and 5, and I can't run unless it's raining. Good for you!

my mid mid-life crisis said...

Darn ipod! That's no fun. Once you lose the mo-jo, it's all over from there.

Hometown, MI is Schoolcraft... just south of Kalamazoo.

Jackie D. said...

Hey Kristi -
I added a button on my Bleu Soleil blog to advertise yours :) I hope you don't mind...