Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday.

I knew it. I predicted it. I made it happen with my mind. And my mouth, too, let's be honest here. Up a pound.

Le sigh. It was all worth it, though. Carnie food is basically what I live for, so if I have to equate a weekend of gorging myself on such delicacies to an extra hour on the treadmill, so be it.

In other news, we get Alex back tomorrow. I'm not having any weird separation anxiety - is that odd for a 1st time mom? I mean, I still love him a great, great deal and I'm excited as hell to get him back, but these few days have been very nice. It was fun to be the Joe & Kristi we were before Alex - staying up late, going to dinner, going to the movies, having ice cream eating contests straight out of the container...oh, that probably didn't help with this morning's weigh in, did it?

We're concluding our whirlwind with the Counting Crows concert tonight. Joe got us lawn seats at DTE with a discount through work; should be a super fun time. One of Joe's favorite bands...bad wife, didn't know. I have all their songs sorted on iTunes so I can learn some before we go tonight. Strangely, he has about as many CC songs as I have Rascal Flatts. Seriously HOW did I not know he liked this band?

Gotta run. I have a date with the Swiffer and Dyson. Counting Crows will be turned up so loud the neighbors will likely complain. KVW out.


Jackie D. said...

Don't feel bad KVW - I measured my waist and I have only lost 3/8 of an inch in 3 weeks - which honestly means nothing. I can't even brag about it, because you honestly cannot even tell :(

It's so very sad. I ate Olga's for lunch yesterday. I know that bread isn't good for me, but it was deliciouso!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the concert, I hope you enjoy it! I'm glad you got to have some husband and wife time, you definitely deserve it!