Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Weigh in Wednesday has TOTALLY been trumped. I WON A GIVEWAY! A FREAKIN' GIVEAWAY!

Seriously - click here for proof.

Wowza. Mrs. Newlywed is celebrating the anniversary of her blog with a few different giveaways (all of which I've entered, thankyouverymuch) but never in a million years did I think I would actually WIN one! I mean, the girl's got nearly 1,300 followers. Yes, she's basically that awesome.

Now, what shall I do with my winnings? I won a $30 gift certificate for Avon products. It's been foreverandaday since I've perused the Avon product offering (back in the day my mom used to use their yellow cream/lotion and there are still certain memories that will conjure up that smell in my sniffer). Anyway...does anyone have any recommendations? Favorites? I want to use this cashola wisely!

Thank you, Mrs. Newlywed!

...oh, and as long as I'm in here, typing away, you can bet your green ascot that Weigh In Wednesday was not good news. I'm almost back to where I started. Which, technically, means that WIW has been a hoax and a complete waste of time and energy. However, I see no more setbacks in the foreseeable future (i.e. deep fried Oreos, BBQs with the family, carnival food). Here I go again!

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Jackie D. said...

A lady at my work sells Avon and they have a line called Mark, which I like a lot. I have purchased many a hook-up. Check it out at Any I also like all the foot products that Avon has - wash, lotion, spray, etc...good stuff.