Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday.

10 p.m. and I *just* realized that today is Wednesday, not Tuesday as my brain and internal calendar has lead (led?) me to believe. Which is fiiiiiiiiiine.

So, the stats: down 1.2. I feel like a yo-yo riding a pogo stick. Hopefully, it's 1.2 lbs. that will never return to my ass and/or thighs ever, ever again.

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Brandi said...

hi.. my name is Brandi, I came across your blog by "blog-hopping".. I like your weigh in wednesdays and I'm jumping on the band wagon and adding it to my blog.. of course, if u don't mind:) I'll be starting next week, of course:) good luck to you!! oh and your little boy is adorable!