Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Parents RULE.

So Alex has been with Gramii and Papii for 4 nights and 5 days so far. My dad has ALWAYS, ALWAYS looked forward to the day when he could give his grandchildren "loads and loads of Mountain Dew and Snickers bars and send them on their merry way back to Mom and Dad." He always mumbles something about paybacks...

Well, it looks like he got started early with Alex. This is the picture message I got on my phone tonight: (The caption read: "It's my last party night with Gramii and Papii. I sure do love them! Love, Alex)

Note the extreme ninja grip he has on the licorice. And the remnants of Reese's PB cup on his cheek. And what you can't see is that his onesie is unsnapped. Klassy.

I love my parents. They are the best.

And at least the Red Bull was sugar free, right?


Pretty Personal Gifts said...

That is funny!

Sonny and Bryan said...

That picture of Alex is just priceless lol