Monday, July 6, 2009


Alex is at Gramii and Papii camp until Thursday. Yes, I actually conned my parents into keeping the little guy. Well, let's be honest...I barely got "Hey do you want to keep Al--" out of my mouth before they were both like the seagulls in Nemo saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

What sort of things do you do without a kid?

Oh, I remember...and it also resembles my to-do list:
- mani/pedi
- grocery shop (like, the hardcore kind when you cringe as the checkout person tells you the total)
- clean la casa
- return a few miscellaneous things...probably will also buy things I don't need during said return session...which is fiiiiiiiine
- romantic dinner with hubby
- massage
- blog on a regular basis
- sleep. in.

Muy delicioso! I don't miss him yet, but we'll see how Wednesday's post goes...


my mid mid-life crisis said...

Enjoy the mani/pedi AND the romantic dinner with hubby! :)

Jackie D. said...

Oh Kristi...I am so very jealous. Enjoy these breaks. Leighton is in a stage where she cannot be away from her Momma - so...this makes it hard for any over-nighters :)

Emily said...

So lucky!!! I am jealous of the sleeping in!!! Enjoy!!