Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Joey is home from work today (obvs) so I am playing the role of mom and nurse. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm basically awesome. Toot, Toot.

Today I've accomplished:

- Wake up Alex, feed, change. Sanitize bottles b/c we forgot to do it on Sunday. Sneak preview: blog on AWESOME bottle sanitizing product tomorrow.

- Wake up Joey, ice for foot, give medicine. Repeat every 2 hours.

- Brew coffee, provide bfast for both me and hubs.

- Show the treadmill who's boss for 30 minutes. Holla!

- Diaper change for MASSIVE poop. Though some of you might be thinking for Joey, I assure you it was Alex.

- 3 loads of laundry. Washed, folded AND put away, thankyouverymuch.

- Lunch for all three of us.

- Shower.

- Trip to Wally World for miscellaneous grocery and household items.

- Planted NEW flowers in the back yard, protected by supercute mini white picket fence. In related news, dog for sale: name is Jake, but will answer to Dumb Dumb, Nazi Dog, Crazy and Royal Pain In The Ass. Sheds like it's going out of style and digs up freshly planted flowers just for fun. Screw the sale, I will PAY you to take him.

- Bathed Alex. Splish, splash I was takin' a bath...

- Watered flowers and lawn. I should warn you, sprinklers are very, very tricky. I may or may not have soaked both me AND my child in an attempt to figure out which direction the stoopid thing was going.

Next I shall make dinner (talapia, couscous and roasted veggies...and a glass bottle of white wine) and chillax on the couch until one of the men in my life need something else.

Toot, toot, indeed.

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Jackie D. said...

Supermom - you are awesome!
Funny about the Moosejaw onesie. Maybe we can get a picture of Alex & Leighton together :)