Tuesday, July 21, 2009

True Story.

I just popped in the 30 Day Shred with every intention of completing the 20 excruciatingly sweattastic minutes that make up Level 2, got 4 minutes into it and decided instead to just sit on the couch holding Alex. The worst part is that I kept it playing and watched for pure entertainment value. Then, instead of restarting it and actually giving it my all, I made the conscious decision to sit on my ass and blog. And Facebook. And e-mail. And otherwise do anything unrelated to exercise.

Maybe now I will go turn the treadmill on and watch the belt go 'round and 'round while I fold some laundry and snack on some poppingcorn.

I think I've reached a new all-time low.


Jackie D. said...

Exercise sucks sometimes - eating a cupcake or holding your real 'cupcake', however does not :)

I feel like because of my laziness, I will eventually talk myself into loving my squishy stomach or tricking myself that it's so 'IN' right now and everyone's wants one!


tootie said...

It's ok. I started the 30-day shred a couple weeks ago...and I've only done 1 day of it! Hopefully we'll both get back on the wagon soon :)

fallgirly said...

I am so with you on this! I need to lose the baby weight and keep "attempting" to buy the shred and have yet to do it...so at least you're ahead of me!