Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Good & Some Bad.

Had another weekly checkup some good news and some bad news.

Good? I lost 4 lbs! :) I'm 99.98% certain it's only because last time I was there my ankles were roughly the size of elephant balls, and this time they were nearly normal. So, the fluctuation was most likely due to less water weight this time around. But, combine that with my recent size small bra purchase and I'm feeling pretty great about my fatty self today.

Bad? They found protein in my urine and 2 of 3 blood pressure tests were high. Both of these are signs of preeclampsia, but both also have a high false positive reading. So, they drew some blood just to be sure. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I'm in the clear. Fingers crossed!

In related news, my last day of work is Thursday (not like last day ever, just last day until September-ish). It's surprisingly bittersweet, because I LOVE my work family and 89% of the time I truly love what I do. But I'm also looking forward to having a week or so just to myself - probably the last ever long stretch of "me" time I will have for the rest of my life...I hear this "mom" thing is very, very time consuming. :) I plan to get another prenatal massage, spend some time at Starbucks, the movies, napping, nesting and taking care of all the last minute things for WIP's arrival.

Until tomorrow, friends! I hope I'm back with good news.


Baby Momma Andrea said...

Good luck with the results!!

Our really empty nest said...

good luck i will be thinking of you! it wont be long now, enjoy your couple days of me time! sue