Monday, April 20, 2009

Home. Day One.

Today is our first full day at home and it has been so lovely. A lot of people told me the first day at home would be overwhelming, because the bathroom is 50 steps away instead of 2, nurses aren't just a button-push away and you no longer have the comfort of one, small room that has everything you could possibly need. Strangely, we find home to be a lot more comforting. We have had our moments - like at 3 am when he refused to latch for his feeding and screamed like a wild monkey for 10 minutes. But all in all, home is WAY better.

Joe has the patience of a...I forget the analogy at the exact moment, but insert whichever one means a LOT of patience. He's an amazing dad and has actually taught me a thing or two in the last few days. You'd never know he hadn't held a baby or changed a diaper prior to April 15.

And I can't believe how much the little bugger has already changed! Here's my absolute favorite picture of the moment:


Paul, Julie, and Charlie Brewer said...

Precious!!!! Such a sweet smile. Glad everything is going great for you! Isn't being at home wonderful!
Thanks for the sweet comments on my page. I had fun making the shadow box. The soap means the most to me for some reason. When I smell it, I think of how he smelled when they first washed him after he was born. Heaven!! Keep everything :)

Andrea Schultz said...

BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!

Our really empty nest said...

so sweeet, so precious, so adorable, so loved. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

Judy said...

Love that picture! Those cheeks are just too mushable (is that even a word?)! Congrats, again!

Luvs2smyle said...

Congratulations to both of you. He is adorable! :)

Melissa Dabrowski