Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I simply couldn't accept the "no news is good news" method of communication as instructed by my doc's office, so I finally gave in and just called.

The nurse said my bloodwork was the "picture of pregnancy health." She simply warned me that if my headaches continue and Tylenol doesn't do the trick, or if my ankles don't go down after elevating them for an hour or so to call ASAP.

Looks like I'm back to being a "boring" pregnancy. Cool wit' me!


Jamie said...

YAY! Great news! It was so so great to see you today :)

Our really empty nest said...

Good for you for taking it into your own hands and calling! Here is some friendly advice, question EVERYTHING that your doctor, nurse, hospital tells you,asks you to do, tells you you need to do. I find that so much of what they want you to do is said simply because it is the way it has always been done, not necessarily the best way to do things. I wish i had known to question things when i had my children. Take it from someone who has been there done that, ask why and question everything, and know that you can say.....NO thanks! Sue