Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Heart Ellen.

I'm wondering when I go back to work if I could make my hours 11-5? You see, this would allow me to watch the ellen show every day...which I would ADORE.

Note: this is my first official day of maternity leave. I'm calling it "being a fake teacher" because I can only imagine this is what it's like to be a teacher and only work 8 months out of the year. And yes, I'm totally prepared for all the nasty comments I will get from teachers for what I just said. I'm related to two of you (almost three) - you do not scare me. Bring it.

Here I sit, blogging from my couch in my Vickies sweatpants, Joe's ridiculously humongous tee shirt (which you can probably guess fits me rather snugly) and my freshly painted blue toes propped up on some pillows to prevent the inevitable Sherman Klump-age of the cankles. Oh yes, did I mention Joe picked out blue polish for my pedi yesterday? They're in honor of my WIPpy.

So back to ellen. She's freakin' the BEST. I might add her show to my Netflix list...would that be weird? Probably. Oh well. Anyway, the guest on right now is Mary McCormack from "In Plain Sight" and she just gifted Ellen 2 laser pointers. She and her husband use them when they watch reality tv - she swears they "revolutionize tv watching," and I think the concept is sheer brilliance. Dear Joey, if you are reading this, sneak upstairs to my desk and grab my laser pointer out of my desk and bring it home. I want to revolutionize our tv watching experience. This is going to be awesome.

This life of lazy will get old and simultaneously come to an end far, far too soon. But until it's over, I will relish in it and be and ellen junkie. Mac and Cheese in dinosaur shapes for lunch, you say? Done!


*cait* said...

Mmmm...mac n' cheese...I'm coming to your place for lunch!

Andrea Schultz said...

OK, just a FYI...I did the whole mani, pedi thing and bc I went so far past my due date, I had to do it 3 more times...I was sure she was coming early but ahhhh no, so I am just warning you, make several appt's just in case, you can cancel them later :) enjoy your time off!! I hope you don't work lke I did on my leave, no need to

Jamie said...

I heart Ellen. Really I do. And I heart you. And WIP!

Glad you're enjoying this time off :)

Our really empty nest said...

Ellen is the best, so funny and such a generous person! Enjoy your time off! Sue

Kelli said...

Delish. I'm just sayin, the life of a teacher is AWESOME and I will shamelessly always say so :)