Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy 1 Week Birthday To Alex!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Mr. Alex promptly at 6 p.m. to celebrate...and then he blew out the nipple on his bottle of breastmilk. (BTW - that adventure is going sort of well. He refuses to latch but I am a superpumper and am able to get almost 4 oz. every 2 hours. So, everyone wins.)

Click here for some new pics of our little man. Beware the link is from Facebook, so if you're on a server that blocks it *cough*atwork*cough*, you will have to wait until you're at home to peek.


amy said...

Ok, he's ADORABLE! Makes me miss my new baby (the little sucker went and turned 7 months...I SO didn't say she could do that!!)

I found your blog through someone who follows one of mine, hope that's ok. I have a few reflections over reading your posts:

-hospital food DOES rock! We loved being home, too (SO not overwhelming at all), the worst part was not being able to order food and have it delivered 30 minutes later at all hours. :)

-YOU GO for posting this much so far! I can't remember how much I posted in the early days, but you're doing great. Write down the little things, because trust me, in 7 months, you'll be grasping for them, wondering where Tiny Baby went...

-I had one single, solitary AWESOME maternity nurse who saved my entire breastfeeding endeavor. If you ever have questions or want to talk about how frustrating it can be, feel free to email me. I'm still smack dab in the middle of breastfeeding and I know a lot about it now :) (email:

-So we're not complete strangers, I'm at (mommy blog, private) and (there will be a plethora of baby product reviews there!)

Hope things are going well for ya...and that this post from a complete stranger isn't too weird, lol. Congrats again!

christa said...

ok omg he is sooo cute, glad i got to see him with his eyes open i cant wait to call karen in the netherlands tomorrow and tell her to check out the pics....keep working on him latching he will get it my youngest also couldnt latch but i had a breastfeeding consultant come and help me out and he eventually got it. im so happy for you hes sooo cute and you rock for keeping us posted!

fallgirly said...

So so cute!!!!! He is so adorable!! I'm anxiously awaiting the birth story!

Judy said...

Thank you for sharing pictures! He's so cute! I love the last two the best! Congrats again!

Nani said...

Just found your blog.... I just 12 weeks preggo, and I am going to back to read your whole story :)

Congrats on such precious baby!

Erin said...

Breast feeding has its challenges, but don't put stress on yourself. I only made it 6 weeks with both my kids, but I tried. I didn't know it would be so difficult to feed my own children. You are an awesome mom! I love that you have kept up your blog. Can I just say super mom.

It took almost 4 weeks for the swelling in my feet to go sucks. I feel your pain kiddo!