Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hump Day, Bump Day!

Happy Week 37!! ...and Happy April Fool's Day! I briefly considered playing a trick on all my internet friends and posting pictures of some random, hairy, recently birthed child and claiming him as my own. Perhaps if we were a bit closer to my actual due date, I could have pulled it off. No tricks today...just a bumpedo with some serious stretch marks. Don't judge.

"Congratulations, Kristi! You're 37 Weeks Pregnant. Your baby is about 21 inches from head to toe and weighs almost 6.5 pounds. Baby is getting rounded every day, and skin is getting pinker and losing its wrinkly appearance. Baby's head is usually positioned down into the pelvis by now. Your uterus may stay the same size as it was for the last week or two. Your weight gain should be about as high as it will go, about 25 to 35 pounds. About this time, your doctor might perform a pelvic exam to help judge the progress of your pregnancy."

He's definitely in the head down position to stay. Every now and again he will remind me juuuuuust how close he is to my va-jay-jay and I let out a "yelp" or an "oomph." Sometimes this happens in the most inappropriate of places (read: semi-important meetings at work with semi-important people), but I'm always thankful for the reminder he's in there, kickin' and growin'...despite the permanent damage he's likely doing to my girlie parts.

And only because I promised a foot pic post-pedicure, here you go. I tried to turn the left one a bit so you can see how triangular they look. The outside of my right foot is the part that reminds me of Sherman Klump. Or maybe it's more of a Cabbage Patch Kid foot? IDK. You decide. Either way it's totally hilarious/disgusting.

In related news, Joey started a betting pool for WIP's actual delivery day, height, weight and time of birth. Click here to cast your vote...we'll be awarding prizes for "closest without going over" in each category, plus an overall GRAND PRIZE winner. I suppose it's kinda like my first blog giveaway, only funner. :)

Happy Hump Day!

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