Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Yet...But Almost.

I can only assume from some of the frantic emails, texts and voicemails from friends that I've frightened the blogosphere with my lack of early morning posts today. I have a delicious excuse, I swear: We were in triage. Again.

As you may remember, I had my weekly Monday checkup at the doctor this morning. My BP was high (again) and there was protein in my urine (again), so instead of doing the bloodwork in the office and waiting 24 hours for the results, she opted to send me right to the hospital in order to get the test results within the hour.

So we were thinking the hospital trip was just a way to get the test results faster and a glorious excuse to get some Ben & Jerry's, so imagine our surprise when the doc said, "So, swing by home, grab your bags and head to the hospital. I'll call to let them know you are coming."

Umm... "Grab our bags, you say?"

"Yes, if there is even the slightest trace of anything in the tests they will run, we'll induce today!"

Pause to pick my heart and Joe's jaw off the floor. I make a mental note, pleased that I shaved my legs this morning. Still didn't get that pedicure, though, dangit!

Obviously, since I'm posting this, we're now at home, resting. It was a long day - probably 5 hours at the hospital, and I was violated in every way possible. I got blood drawn...poorly, and have the bruise on my arm to prove it. To ensure my urine test was as pure as possible, I got a catheter. I can't even explain to you what it's like to pee without actually peeing. I promise to devote an entire post to it someday soon. To finalize the violations, my day was completed with an entire arm up my va-jay-jay as Melissa the nurse checked my cervix. Seriously had no idea it was up that far. Also, Melissa dear, if you are reading this, please cut your nails ASAP to prevent tomorrow's patients from experiencing what I had to today. Thanks.

In summary, I'm still prego. I'm going on Wednesday to the doctor's office for a non-routine BP and urine test and still have my regular Monday am appointments scheduled. It's all up to WIP now.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did get that pedicure on the way home. Better safe than sorry.


The Agnello Family said...

I'm right there with you on the whole catheter thing, it's very strange! But at the same time it's kind of nice not have to pee every five minutes. When I was at the hospital waiting to have my c-section I was begging the nurse for the catheter just so I did't have to wobble to the bathroom anymore!
Good luck with everything, can't wait to see him!

Our really empty nest said...

i must admit, i did check your blog a couple times today and wondered what was up. glad you are back home and doing well, hang in there! sue

writing4612 said...

I've had catheters due to surgeries throughtout my life. For me, there not that bad, but I guess it was weird for you since you've never had to have one.

The only bad part is when they try to put one of the largest ones the have in...ouch!