Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, The Horror!

Upon seeing the horrible fate that most of my female relatives wished upon me in the "Guess WIP's Birthday" game, I decided to send them a little nastygram thanking them for their "well-wishes" for a 2 week overdue baby the size of a THREE MONTH old. In return, they decided to share their birth stories with me.

My cousin, Debbi: Oldest (Ryan) due June 21. By July 4, she sat through several firework shows hoping they would jar him out, but to no avail. They induced him on the 5th. Her second (Justin), was induced on his due date...and thankfully he wasn't the 11 lbs. they thought.

My cousin, Jeannie: Oldest (Sammy) was 1 week late. She spent 43 hours in labor only to have a C-section, delivering a 10 lb. 4 oz. baby (OMG). Her second (Jimmy) was breach, so she again had a C-section two weeks early and he was STILL almost 9 lbs.

To be fair, it was these two that correctly predicted the cankles, so I have to believe our genes are that strong, and that my birth story will be as they say. I'm so, so screwed.

Feel free to share your birth story (if you have one) in the comment section. Especially if you had a 7 lb. baby 2 weeks early. Give me hope!


Formerly Sweat said...

I had to go with a date WAY past your due date! I have had three friends give birth in the past month and all of them had to be induced a week after their due date... so going along with the trend... April 30th it is!

(I was born three weeks late--- so it could be worse!)


jackiedee said...

Kristi - you are gonna be like me, on one of your last one week appts BEFORE your due date, they are gonna say: Kristi, there isn't any more room for WIP in that belly of yours. We need to get him out today! Then you will be whisked off into labor/delivery with a painless delivery with nurses and doctors commenting positively the whole time about how they have never seen a more relaxed & beautiful new mommy! Ok, that second part didn't happen for me - but I know it will for you :D
P.S. The swelling in your feet will go away almost immediately.
P.S.S. Remind me to tell you about another belly trick I learned.

Jackie D.

Brooke said...

First son, Trace, still hadn't made his debut 8 days after his due date!! I wasn't dilated, effaced, and the baby hadn't even dropped at that point. I was induced and had him 24 hours later after 2 hours of pushing. He was totally worth the wait though. To do this day, he is still very cautious about trying anything new:)

2nd son, Brady, just born 3 weeks ago. I was dilated 3 weeks prior to due date, and he dropped 3 weeks prior to due date. This makes for lots of discomfort, so my doctor said, pick a date and I'll induce you. You're ready!!

Music to my ears! They induced me in the morning and I had him at 5:48pm that day! 3 virtually painless pushes (LOVE the EPIDURAL) and he was here.

I hope you get the latter scenario Kristi, or at least close to it. I'm rooting for WIP to come ASAP and make it quick and smooth for mama!

Brooke said...

Oops, forgot to say that Brady was born 5 days before his due date!

christa said...

well kristi my first son ryan was 3 days past his due date and weighed 7lbs 6 ozs 19.5 inches and i had 14 hrs of non drug labor (killer)and was dialted and effaced and dropped and he still was 3 days late.. my second son ethan was 11 days early and weighed 6lbs 5 ozs and was 20 in and i was contracting 3 weeks early and dialated and i had went in on xmas eve the dr said you contract this weekend ill keep you and break your water so he did! and matthew my 2 year old was only 7 days early even though i was having contractions early with him but my dr would only let me induce 7 days early...and he was 5lbs even and 20 in and we were shocked. but it was easier every time i dont think wip(aj) will wait too long especially if he already weighs around 6 lbs i guessed on your game 3 days late and only 7lbs 10 ozs so i hope thats it! i hope you get any one of my scenarios it really wasnt that bad, its mostly the head that hurts the contractions are like bad cramps

Jen said...

Both of the girls were 2 weeks early and weighed 7 lbs...There is hope :)

writing4612 said...

My mom had a friend who 11 pound baby...without a C-section. Keep in mind this was 24 years ago.