Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pause For The Applause.

Yesterday morning, I got up for the third consecutive week at the ass crack of dawn to inflict hot, sweaty pain upon myself.

And I rocked it.

I ran suicide sprints for 20 minutes before most of you were even upright. I did the "300" workout (read: 300 reps of exercises targeting major muscle groups) while most of you were still drooling on your pillowcases.

And it was awesome.

I'm really starting to notice a difference--not only in my body shape (well hello there, pants that I can take off without unzipping) but also in my endurance. I'm not claiming to be the next Jackie Warner (snarf) but I AM becoming a better, stronger version of me. And quite frankly, I'm loving it.

Speeeeeeeeaking of Jackie Warner, does anyone else watch (and subsequently LOVE) her new show on Bravo called 'Thintervention?' It's so, so, so funny. Nikki is a high-LAR-ious drunkard and lovingly more quotable than a Will Ferrell movie.

In related TV news--'Glee' starts tonight! Ready, set DVR!

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