Monday, September 20, 2010

Born In A Barn.

Joey was on a fishing trip with his Fraternity Brothers this weekend, so Alex and I spent the weekend with Poppi, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jill. (Grammi is currently in Connecticut with Kelli and David.)

Anyway, we had a super-dee-duper time. Oh, and when I say I grew up in the middle of a cornfield, I'm not kidding -- and Alex got a little taste of Momma's roots over the weekend.

Walking down the driveway.
Yep! That's where I grew up!

He's a farm boy at heart.
Couldn't get enough of the tractor rides.

Look closely - you'll see an Alex and an Uncle
Kyle walking to a playground by Great Grandpa's
house. Fun fact - that big church in the background is
where my Mom and Dad were married.

We also went to the twilight balloon fest in Midland.
SO freakin' cool.

This was my favorite balloon.

Poppi and Alex watching the balloons.
Poppi also may or may not have fed Alex
most of an elephant ear. I'm just sayin'...

In related news, Alex received his Mensa certification over the weekend. When you ask him, "Alex, what does a turkey say?" He will reply clear as day with a "Gobble, gobble." And when asked about a cow, you'll get a "Mmmmoooo" in response. I die every. single. time. Videos soon, promise.


Twin Engines said...

Like, Like! So much fun! We miss the balloon fest! And which church is that? In BC?

David and Kelli said...

Dear Alex: I couldn't love and adore you more if I TRIED. I miss you like crazy!!!!

Kim- Visitation :)In BC