Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Cute Never Ends.

We visited the Zoo with Grammi and Poppi last was perfect weather (unlike the last time when it was friggin' as hot as the sun) and we had a blast. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself:
Grammi showing Alex the birdies.

Riding a lion.
He was growling when I took this one. Hilarious.

At the hippo exhibit. 

Playing in the stream...which may or may not
have been temporarily closed. My bad.

Poppi with his people.
If I were still 12, odds are good I would
get grounded for posting this.

There's nothing cuter than grandparents pulling a wagon.
Have I mentioned they were high school
sweethearts? I know, adorbs.

I need to find a contest to enter this one into.
It's like my most favoritest picture, ev-ah.

See the creepy fish? Look closer...

Alex the eagle and Joe the ostrich.

Thanks for the fun day, Grammi & Poppi!


Twin Engines said...

Fun Times!

Meg said...

Cute pictures. :) I want to learn how you do that link thingy to a previous blog post. You are so clever!

WindyCityLindsay said...

So cute! What a fun day with the family! (And you are looking fabulous, Mama!)